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Attack Like The Sea

Title: Attack Like the Sea
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Ronon/Rodney
Prompt: 252- samurai-tamingthemuse 
Warnings for this chapter: None that I can think of
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 727 words
Disclaimer: Unfortunately the characters are only mine in my dreams.
Author's Note- Title comes from a quote by Miyamoto Musashi: "If the enemy thinks of the mountains, attack like the sea; and if he thinks of the sea, attack like the mountains."

Summary: Rodney shows Ronon 'The Seven Samurai' and Ronon's intrigued by the Samurai. Rodney's kind of scared for him.

Comments are loved and appreciated. Whether you love it or you hate it feel free to let me know



Rodney had spent the last hour peeking at Ronon out of the corner of his eyes, trying not to burst into helpless laughter. Eventually his attempts to be subtle had turned into unabashed staring, giggles still threatening to escape as he watched Ronon gaping open-mouthed at the fighting occurring on the screen. His hands were twitching, as though he couldn’t help but try and mimic the complex fighting moves on the video. Rodney had been reluctant to watch yet another action movie that made his brain feel like it was dribbling out of his ears but Sheppard had assured him that not only was ‘The Seven Samurai’ the greatest Samurai movie of all time but it would also greatly appeal to Ronon. Rodney had scoffed but snatched the movie from Sheppard’s hands, secretly acknowledging that the man was right. How he had managed to land himself a lover who loved watching this type of rubbish was a mystery. Then again, Rodney’s expression softened in the face of Ronon’s obvious enjoyment. How he had managed to find a lover like Ronon was indeed a mystery.

“Is this popular on Earth?” Ronon asked, his attention still captivated by the action on the screen.

“What Samurai’s?” Rodney inquired. At Ronon’s nod, Rodney smiled, answering, “Not anymore. Samurai’s actually existed in one of our Earth countries many years ago but now it’s just become a part of popular culture.”

“Your people should bring someone over who knows this style of fighting. And I believe that with the right resources I could make a katana sword like the one in this movie,” Ronon said, his smile ferocious as he no doubt imagined what he could do to the Wraith armed with a katana.

Rodney thought of Sheppard, no doubt sitting all superior and self-satisfied alone in his room, and wanted to go slap the smugness of his face. That rat bastard knew exactly what Ronon’s reaction to this film would be and he had probably set it all up so he could laugh at Rodney’s indignation later. If Rodney already worried enough when Ronon went out to fight with a stunner as powerful as his he could imagine how much more he would worry about his lover if he went out fighting aliens that sucked the life out of you with just a flimsy blade. He was so going to kill Sheppard.

“Ronon, you know what’s even more interesting then killing people with large swords?” Rodney asked, but Ronon’s attention was once more firmly fixed on the screen. Feeling a bit like a slighted housewife Rodney cleared his throat loudly and tried again. “Ronon? You still with me?”

Ronon hummed an affirmative response, his attention never straying from the screen. However, one muscular forearm wrapped around Rodney’s shoulders and dragged the older man closer, until Rodney was practically buried in Ronon’s firm side. Cheeks pinking and feeling very much like a teenage girl out on her first date, Rodney was about to squirm free when he suddenly stopped. Looking up at Ronon’s face, the dim light and strange angle that he was sitting in showing off faint scars that weren’t usually too visible, he suddenly had a thought.

“Ronon, promise me something?” he asked, feeling more and more childish and immature.

Ronon looked away from the movie and looked down towards him, his expression questioning.

“I don’t care if you’re crazy enough to want to go fighting Wraith with nothing but steak knives or whatever flimsy weapon you’ll make but promise me you’ll carry your damn blaster around with you. And maybe several of our Earth guns. And the gun that I intend to make for you after having this conversation.”

Ronon smiled at him, the arm around his shoulders tightening almost painfully.

“I promise,” he replied gruffly. “I’ll keep myself safe because someone’s got to look after you.” He leaned his face closer to Rodney’s and suddenly they were kissing, Ronon’s beard scratching the skin of his chin. The angle was awkward and uncomfortable and Rodney’s chest ached with something profound that he couldn’t really understand.

When the credits rolled they were still kissing, content to take it slow and sweet. And when Ronon finally turned the movie off and led him to bed the room was dark and quiet, their footsteps barely making a sound on the cool Atlantis floors.


Tags: fandom: sga, pairing: ronon/rodney, tamingthemuse
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