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Predatory Gleam

Title: Predatory Gleam- Sequel to Dreams of Home (although can be read as a stand-alone)
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Ronon/Rodney.
Prompt: 243- rhinoceros - tamingthemuse 
Warnings: Violence
Rating: M
Wordcount: ~1000
Disclaimer: Not mine, despite the occasional daydream.

Summary: Ronon learns a lot about the many animals of Earth.

 Comments are loved and appreciated. Whether you love it or you hate it feel free to let me know


Sateda was a dry, barren land that had little animal life on it. There had been beasts to hunt and beasts that hunted them in turn but they were relatively few compared to the lush wildlife that flourished in many of the worlds Ronon had visited. Ronon had been best in his class at memorising the different names and distinguishing features of the animals that roamed the dusty landscape of his home. He hadn’t particularly cared about all the different creatures but he had always possessed a good memory for small details. Years later, after Sateda had burned and Ronon had been made a Runner, he would recite the familiar animal names while eating some strange creature he had caught. Even the smallest memory of home, of familiarity, could bring comfort to him back when the future was filled with running and uncertainty, the possibility of tomorrow being the last day he would ever see.

When he came to Atlantis Ronon was often curious as to the different creatures that could be found on Earth. After watching countless movies with the team and being entranced by animals with horns and fangs and fur he snuck into what Rodney termed the ‘soft-science lab’ and looked at the unfamiliar creatures pictured. Elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers and lions; Ronon found himself losing hours of time staring entranced at the different pictures and reading about them. When his body finally remembered it was time for lunch he walked to the mess in a daze, getting a double portion of everything and then collapsing next in the empty seat opposite to Rodney who was busy inhaling his food. Ronon heaped a helping of potato into his mouth, staring distractedly at Rodney while he chewed.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” Rodney snapped, rubbing a self-conscious hand over his mouth.

“Huh?” Ronon grunted.

“You’re staring at me with a weirder than usual look on your face,” Rodney replied, in his best ‘why do I tolerate idiots?’ voice.

Ronon shoved another heaped forkful into his mouth, chewing slowly before he answered. “Do you think people resemble your earth animals?”

“You’ve been talking to the soft scientists again, haven’t you?” Rodney asked with a sigh. “I told you that they were a bad influence.”

Sheppard chose that exact moment to slide into the seat next to Ronon, snatching a fry from Rodney’s plate as he sat down and earning himself an exclamation of deepest outrage. “Who’s a bad influence?”

“The soft scientists,” Ronon replied.

Sheppard snorted. “What’d they do this time?”

“Ronon asked me whether people resemble Earth animals. Although I once had a teacher who looked exceptionally like a horse, but that’s besides the point. Why do we need zoologists to catalogue all the scary native animals we find, anyway? It’s not like we’re going to stop and remember the classification of the damn things when they attack us again.”

“Ronon does have a point. I mean, I’ve always thought you resembled a sloth,” Sheppard said, smirking and Ronon couldn’t help but snort out a laugh as the picture of the sloth he had seen drifted into his memory.

“Yeah, Colonel,  well with that hair you resemble a tribble,” Rodney said, in a tone of overwhelming disgust.

The conversation veered wildly off onto a tangent about Star Trek. Ronon left the table with a headache and wondering what exactly a tribble was and how exactly Sheppard resembled it. Earth people were confusing.

Hours later and Ronon had almost forgotten the conversation that had passed during lunch. He had ran, sparred with Teyla and then again with Sheppard and had joined the Team for dinner; listening to Rodney recount the research he had done and listening to John and Teyla teasing him gently in response. The day had flown by quickly and it was late at night when Ronon found himself wandering out onto one of the cities many balcony’s. The moons were bright in the dark Atlantean sky and something about this familiar sight put Ronon’s soul to rest. Some nights he would wake up in a panic, blankets cocooned around his body like Wraith cocoons and his heart thundered in his chest at the thought that the game was over, that he had been caught and was about to die. It was only when he looked out through his window and caught sight of the familiar sky did he realise that he was still safe. That he was home.

Tonight was no different, the sky calming his roaming thoughts. He was pacing up and down the small balcony when the door behind him swished open and Rodney walked out, briskly heading towards him.

“If it wasn’t for the dreads I’d say you resembled a leopard or a lion- some sort of fierce predatory jungle cat,” Rodney muttered quickly, as though he was ashamed to admit having such common thoughts.

Ronon grinned at him in response, feeling strangely complimented, and heard Rodney’s breath stutter, his cheeks turning red. He stalked closer to Rodney, leaning in and pressing the man’s bulky body against the railing of the balcony.

He tilted his head down to whisper in Rodney’s ear. His dreads fell onto Rodney’s broad shoulders and Rodney froze beneath him. “You think I’m predatory, then?” Ronon asked, his breath ghosting against Rodney’s pale neck.

Rodney twitched in response. “Well… what I meant was… I mean I didn’t mean it in an insulting way or anything so you…” His words were drowned out by Ronon swiping his tongue against Rodney’s neck before lightly nipping the same area. Laughing quietly he moved away from Rodney’s body, taking in his flushed cheeks and dilated pupils with a smug smile. He walked through the balcony door and back into the bright hallways of Atlantis, walking steadily towards his room. A few anxious seconds passed and then he heard the sounds of feet stomping after him. Smiling, Ronon walked towards his bedroom, Rodney’s footsteps following behind him.


Tags: fandom: sga, pairing: ronon/rodney, tamingthemuse
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