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My current fandoms include- Sherlock, Suits, Doctor Who, Stargate: Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. I will also fangirl for anything created by Joss Whedon.

My old fandoms include- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Queer as Folk and Harry Potter.

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First Impressions

Title- First Impressions
Fandom- Hawaii Five-0
Rating- M
Prompt- 403-  zygomancy- tamingthemuse
Pairing- Pre Danny/Steve
Warning- None
Wordcount- 530

High school!AU- the boys meet on the first day of school.

[First day of the new school year and Steve was running late]First day of the new school year and Steve was running late. He had dropped Mary off at school, who had resisted and sulked the entire way there, and was now racing through the hallways while trying to unfold the timetable he had thrown into his pocket the night before. It was about as effective as using zygomancy to determine which room he was in, the timetable was hopelessly crumpled and unreadable.

Steve stopped in the empty corridor, staring at the closed classroom doors in frustration. He had no clue which was his and asking the receptionist on the first day of school was bound to make her hate him for the rest of the semester. Steve had been at school long enough to know that pissing off the receptionist was a horrible idea.

There was one more kid wandering the corridor, heading determinately in a direction away from Steve. He jogged to catch up to him; the kid didn’t look familiar but Steve was hoping that if he wasn’t in his class then he would at least know where his class was.

“Hey, wait up,” he yelled. The kid turned around, his blue eyes staring at Steve in suspicion. Steve had the feeling that he was being judged and that the short blonde was finding him severally wanting. It was an unnerving feeling and it made him kind of twitchy.

“Yeah?” the blonde asked.

“Well, it’s just… I’m kind of lost and looking for AP English. Don’t suppose you’d know where that is?”

The blonde snorted. “Look buddy, judging by your tan and the state of your uniform, you’ve been here a while. So the irony of you asking me where a classroom would be, given that it’s my first day here, is staggering. Shouldn’t you know where your classes are? Or did you just get all the brain cells knocked out of you during one too many football games?” He said it all in one breathe and Steve stared at him, mouth open in what he felt was an extremely unattractive manner.

“So you don’t know where it is?” Steve asked.

“I didn’t say that, did I? Keep up. I’m actually going to AP English now so you’re more than welcome to tag along in my general direction if you like. It’ll look better if we both show up late and at least the teacher will yell at both of us, instead of just one. My name’s Danny by the way. Looks like we’re going to get along great.” He grinned, seeming amused by Steve’s blank expression.

“Steve.  Where are you from, Danny? That accent is definitely not from around here.”

“New Jersey. My parents dragged me here a week ago and let me just tell you…” Danny started on a long rant about pineapple infested hellholes as they made their way in the direction of class and Steve stopped paying attention. Danny was a little strange and talked at a mile a minute but Steve was beginning to like the other boy. Danny may have been sarcastic when he said that they’d get along great but Steve believed him. He had a feeling they were going to be friends.


Title- Wanderlust
Fandom- Original
Rating- PG
Prompt- 389- coxswain- tamingthemuse
Pairing- None
Warning- None
Wordcount- 500

James loved her but he didn't want to anchor her down to his dreary, sedentary life. Wanderlust thrummed through her veins and travelling was the only thing she would ever truly love.

Collapse )