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Quiet Moments [Nov. 3rd, 2013|08:45 pm]
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Title- Quiet Moments
Fandom- BTVS
Rating- PG
Prompt- 380- Halloween- tamingthemuse
Pairing- Spander if you squint really hard.
Warning- None
Wordcount- 550

Author's note- trying to get back into writing Spander and BTVS so starting off with some short stories about the boys.

Xander was lonely and tired of being used.

There just never seemed to be enough time for Xander to look after his own needs. He put everyone else in his life first and he enjoyed helping people. Really, he did. However, there was always a buried expectation that his friends would return the favour, at least a little bit. That they would come to his help when he needed it because they were his best friends. Instead all they did was ask him for help, constantly taking without giving anything in return.

Xander didn’t complain about it. After all, they were all busy with their own lives. Buffy had enough on her plate and Xander knew enough about the problems in Willow’s life to know that she was too busy to deal with Xander’s comparatively minor issues. It would have just felt nice to be cared for every once in a while because Xander couldn’t help but be lonely.

Which is how he found himself in Spike’s crypt on Halloween, commiserating with someone who he was meant to despise. They were meant to be patrolling but this year the various demons and other beasties decided to abide by tradition and hide out for the night. Spike had gotten bored fairly quickly and after an hour of quiet declared that the night was doomed to be a peaceful one and he was going to retire to his crypt, get drunk and mope about his life. Xander, surprising himself and Spike, decided to come along.

So that was why he was sitting on Spike’s bed, the world spinning around him while he laughed hysterically at one of Spike’s stories about Angel’s failures in the early years of the century. Xander appreciated that Spike was obviously censoring these stories on his behalf, telling the funny parts out of decades of murder and mayhem. Besides, they always had their hatred of Angel as common ground. It was nice to bitch about Angel with someone who understood the hatred, without the excuses for his actions that were consistently provided by Buffy and Willow.

Xander leaned back against the wall, trying to catch a breath.
“Little drunk, are we?” Spike smirked at him.

“Little bit,” Xander replied. “I should probably head off actually, or I’m going to pass out where I sit.”

He struggled to his feet and almost toppled onto his face, only keeping on his feet with the quick help of Spike.

“Thanks,” Xander muttered, a little embarrassed. “And thank you for tonight. It’s been good.”

Spike just smiled at him. “Any time you need, you can come over. I know that the girls don’t really do the whole drinking thing and sometimes you just need to vent.”

Xander stared at Spike, amazed that he was so transparent to Spike. He didn’t know what to say, confused beyond belief at Spike’s sudden shift in personality. He had been certain that Spike hated him and he had always tried to play along. But this behaviour was unusual and he didn’t know how to respond.

“Yeah, I will. Thanks Spike,” he muttered, swaying towards the door. “I’ll see you later.”

With that he wandered in the vague direction of his home.

“Bye Xander,” Spike said.

When Xander looked back, Spike was still standing in the doorway, watching him walk away.

[User Picture]From: theladymerlin
2013-11-03 10:10 am (UTC)
What a nice peek at a quiet, almost intimate moment between the boys.

Nice to see a Spander type story from you again. And one so well done. :)
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